3 Ways to Have a Fun and Relaxing Family Beach Escape in 2022

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3 Ways To Have A Fun And Relaxing Family Beach Escape In 2022

Would you like to go on a family vacation in early 2022? Summer on the Sunshine Coast lasts from December to February, with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 28°C on average. If you're looking for a beach vacation, now is a fantastic time to visit Australia's subtropical vacation spot.

The fun doesn't stop there, though, because this is the Sunshine Coast. The sunny region also has a variety of family-friendly activities. Here are three ideas for a pleasant family beach vacation.

Take the Kids on a fun and educational trip to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast

Previously Underwater World, SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast is a multi-award winning aquarium. Visitors will experience a fascinating journey from the coast to the ocean depths. To help you navigate this underwater world, you should know that 11 themed zones offer a unique experience.

  • World of Penguins: The only colony of Little Blue Penguins on the Sunshine Coast is sure to delight your children. This section will demonstrate how the smallest penguins march, dive, swim and play from the above-ground observation deck. Yes, they are approximately 13 to 15 inches tall and bluish.
  • Lower Penguins: It's time to go beneath the surface after getting a glimpse of their world. You can watch the little Blue Penguins swim and play from the underwater observation deck. The zone also includes an interactive zone where kids can learn everything they need to know about these incredible species and protect them.
  • Ocean Tunnel: Don't be scared to explore the ocean's depths as you stroll through SEA LIFE's 80-meter Ocean Tunnel. You'll witness sharks, rays, reef fish, and a variety of other marine life. There are over eight shark species and new Grey Nurse Sharks.
  • Seal Island: Seals are adored by all. They are both intelligent and adorable. So don't miss out on the Seal Island presentation. Also, there is a fascinating and instructive interactive zone in the lower seal viewing area where you can learn more about them.
  • Tidal Touchpool: Remember to roll up your sleeves for the next zone. Tidal Touchpool is an interactive exhibit where visitors can observe and touch various marine life, including sea stars, sea cucumbers, and more. An expert teaching team will also be on hand to inform visitors all about the wonders of aquatic life.
  • Coastal Wreck: You'll find unique and strange creatures, including Lionfish, Eels, Common Octopus, and other tropical fish in this shipwreck habitat.
  • Finding Dory and Friends: The Experience! The new experience created in collaboration with Disney Pixar offers interactive, beautiful moments from the box office smash hit Finding Dory. Jellyfish Kingdom: Jellyfish have been around for nearly 650 million years in the oceans, outlasting dinosaurs and sharks. Admire the unlimited colours, exquisite mobility, and ghost-like outlines of these fantastic animals up close.
  • Lower Seal Island: Take a closer look at SEA LIFE’s playful seals and witness their underwater agility, speed, and natural behaviour.
  • Seahorse Sanctuary: This is the area where you can keep a close eye on Weedy Sea Dragons and Pot-bellied Seahorses. You might catch a glimpse of them doing their courtship dances.
  • Multilevel Play Zone Shipwreck Shores: This three-level indoor play zone with a shipwreck theme will keep kids occupied for hours. It's a delightful spot with hidden natural treasures and adventure.

Take the Kids Swimming at Peregian Beach

After a fun and educational trip to SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast, it's time to hit the beach. A great spot on the Sunshine Coast is the unspoiled and picture-perfect Peregian Beach. Peregian Beach is patrolled during the summer months, weekends, and school holidays.

It truly is a fantastic place to swim, surf, hike, and relax. A visit to Peregian Beach will undoubtedly provide a safe and entertaining experience for the entire family. Make sure to bring everything you need, such as a beach umbrella, camp chair, picnic blanket, flip-flops, sunscreen and lovely beach lunch and snacks.

Enjoy a relaxing stay in Peregian Court Resort

You must be close to all of the sites you wish to visit if you want to enjoy a fun and relaxing beach vacation. It will also ensure that you have a comfortable place to stay when you return home.

Peregian Court Resort offers a pleasant Noosa family accommodation on the picturesque Sunshine Coast. The resort is nestled among lush tropical gardens and is only a one-minute walk from Peregian Beach's magnificent white sands. In addition, the resort is just a short walk from Peregian Village's cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.

When it comes to accommodation, Peregian Court Resort offers 24 spacious, low-rise townhouses with all the amenities you'll need for a comfortable beach vacation. Ceiling fans and air conditioning are standard in all of our Peregian accommodation. Linen is also provided.

The following are the many sorts of accommodations available to you:

  • 2 Bedroom Apartment (1 Bathroom): The main bedroom includes a queen-sized bed, while the second bedroom has two single beds. The maximum number of guests allowed is four.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment (2 Bathrooms): There is a queen-sized bed in the master bedroom and an ensuite bathroom. Two single beds are in the second bedroom. There is a second independent bathroom. These apartments can accommodate a maximum of 5 people. The price is for four people. The fifth person will incur an additional fee.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment: The apartments have one queen bed, three single beds, and one trundle bed. The maximum number of people that can stay in these units is six.
  • 2 Bedroom (2 Bathroom) Premium Apartment: The lush central courtyard and pool area, as well as glimpses of the ocean through the palm trees, are visible from this spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom split level apartment. This premium apartment can comfortably accommodate up to 4 people.

Aside from these, Peregian Court Resort offers the following onsite amenities for relaxation:

  • Heated Pool & Spa
  • Garden barbecue area
  • Tropical Gardens

Also, don't be afraid to seek assistance from the resort's helpful onsite administration. They will gladly assist you with local transportation, tour bookings, restaurant recommendations, and other services so that you can relax and enjoy your Peregian Beach holiday.



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